Sea Freight

RELIABLE connects the shipping needs of its clients with best-practice sea freight solutions. Our experience and expertise in this arena has enabled us to identify high-performing, high-capacity carriers through which the expectations of our client can be satisfied. RELIABLE is well positioned to deliver value on time, on target as it maximizes its relationship with these global carriers.
Our team, and particularly the individual handling your freight, maintains contact with your cargo from departure to destination to ensure its safe passage and to inform you of progress at any time. We offer Full-Container-Load (FCL) and Less-than-container-Load (LCL) shipping solutions. FCL provides our client with the exclusive right to a multi-modal ocean cargo container which enables increased cost-efficiency, and is suitable for the shipping of most goods. Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) forwarding is afforded to those clients who do not have sufficient cargo to fill a whole container. Break-bulk cargo is also forwarded by our versatile team.

Air Freight

RELIABLE is known for its high level of responsiveness to its clients freighting challenges and constraints. As such, we have pioneered and established a dependable, time-saving and efficient air freight solution, including the facilitation of customs clearing to remove administrative burden from our client. We offer consolidation, direct flights, and charter plane services on a daily basis from any major airport, and our team tracks and traces the cargo from the point of origin to its final destination. Often air freight comprises the preliminary or final arm of a global journey, and our team is well equipped to manage the linkage between sea, air, road and rail.
Our international network of ISO accredited air carriers translates to competitive value, service excellence and quick turnaround.


RELIABLE aims to be the benchmark of excellence in the freight and forwarding industry. Our commitment is to provide flexible, customized, dependable and efficient transport solutions on the ground, on the water, and in the air.  In line with this, we offer road freight within and between most African countries, and will provide road freight linkages to sea or air ports in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Our measures of success are cost- and time- efficiency, effective freight management and maximum volume capacity, which we excel in by combining the personal administrative service of our team with the technical reliability of our trusted carriers.


RELIABLE offers a competitive door-to-door courier service, built for imports and exports. monitoring your shipment from departure to arrival, as well as customs cleared and delivered to your door.


As part of the freight and forwarding process, it is imperative that a flexible and reliable warehousing option is available, whether it be for scheduled storage prior to distribution, or in the case of an unexpected delay that necessitates warehousing of your cargo for a brief period. RELIABLE also offers bond warehousing, which is the duty-free storage of your cargo under customs supervision for a brief time before it is dispatched to another country. Our warehousing solutions provide an effective planning device to our clients to provide an efficient transition of cargo from dispatch to final destination. Our warehousing partners are ISO 9000 and OHSA compliant to safeguard your cargo from time-based and other risks.


As a specialized Freight and Forwarding company, we provide optimal packaging solutions that suit your cargo and its most appropriate distribution and storage requirements. Whether you are transporting hazardous materials, or cargo that requires specialized industrial packaging, our packaging partners are in line with best practice and will ensure the most efficient, effective packaging solutions for sea, road, rail and air freight haulage.


Peace of mind and the security of your cargo are foremost in our minds when handling your cargo, whether national or international.
RELIABLE has established, accredited insurance partners that provide an effective risk management solution to you as our client which covers your cargo globally, and across all applicable modes of transport while your cargo is in transit.

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